Alongside organizing the business into Service Divisions and Regions, increasing diversity in management is one of the basic principles of corporate governance.

* DEKRA restructured its Service Divisions in January 2024. The Annual Report 2023 refers throughout to the previous year’s Service Division structure.

Our Service Divisions

DEKRA’s wide range of services is divided into Service Divisions.


The Americas region covers South, Central, and North America. Along with product testing, exhaust emission tests and vehicle inspections are among the region’s core business areas. These have been established or expanded in countries including the USA, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, and Mexico.


North-West Europe

DEKRA has become a significant provider of vehicle inspection services in this region, which includes the Scandinavian countries. There is strong demand for system inspections, power station inspections, and digital services around the Industrial Internet of Things, such as remote maintenance and online monitoring services. The Dutch city of Arnhem is home to our main regional site for product testing and certification.


South-West Europe

In the South-West Europe region—which comprises France, Spain, Portugal, and Morocco—vehicle and industrial inspections are among DEKRA’s main services. In France, DEKRA’s second home market, the vehicle inspection network is characterized by the company’s own stations and those operated by franchise holders.

Spain is home to a center of excellence for secure connectivity and measuring the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) of cellphones and smart home products, with two other focus areas being the Fourth Industrial Revolution and big data applications. At a dedicated test site for connected driving, V2X (vehicle-to-everything) technologies are being tested, and specific test processes for products and applications are in the early stages of development.


Germany, Switzerland & Austria

These three countries form an important region for DEKRA. From our home market of Germany, we are driving cross-border innovations and services in future fields, such as sustainability, cybersecurity, and artificial intelligence. For example, the DEKRA Technology Center at the Lausitzring in Klettwitz, Germany, is being developed as Europe’s largest manufacturer-independent test track for automated and connected transportation.


Central-East Europe & Middle East

This region encompasses countries such as Italy, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Poland, and Bulgaria. The portfolio includes services for corporate customers—for instance, in connection with electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).



The Asia-Pacific (APAC) region consists of Asian countries such as China, Japan, and South Korea, as well as New Zealand and South Africa. Alongside vehicle and system inspections, the business in this region focuses on product testing for the automotive, energy, medical technology, and retail sectors.


Diversity & Inclusion

DEKRA’s goals and initiatives to promote diversity within its business (e.g. women in management positions).

Service Divisions

The diverse range of services provided by DEKRA span analog and digital testing and certification.

Strategic direction

By concentrating on focus areas, DEKRA is leveraging opportunities for growth in the context of digital transformation.