Modular drive system for electric vehicles.


Building trust

BYD, the global leader in new energy vehicles, has been a longstanding strategic partner of DEKRA. It trusts DEKRA as a reliable provider of expertise and innovative services.

Drawing on DEKRA’s renowned expertise in technical capabilities and its cutting-edge testing equipment, proficient teams, and extensive global network resources, BYD has entrusted DEKRA Shanghai Laboratory, Suzhou Laboratory, and Kunshan Laboratory with being its designated third-party laboratories. This pivotal decision cements the foundation for continued close collaboration between the two organizations.


DEKRA offers a comprehensive range of services that enable BYD to navigate the complex regulatory landscape. These services span the full spectrum and include the following:

  • Safety testing and certification for batteries, EV components, and charging systems
  • Reliability testing
  • Chemical testing
  • EMC testing
  • Global market access (GMA)
  • Road testing solutions and homologation
  • Car key testing
  • Management system certification
  • Functional safety
  • Cybersecurity


In 2023, FinDreams Battery Co. Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of BYD, was honored to receive the DEKRA ISO/SAE 21434 automotive cybersecurity certificate. BYD FinDreams Battery’s areas of activity include EV battery R&D and production, energy storage and new battery applications, batteries for consumer electronics, and components. With a particular emphasis on cybersecurity services, DEKRA is committed to providing an expanded suite of services tailored to BYD FinDreams Battery’s specific needs.

The strategic partnership with DEKRA endeavors to enhance BYD’s automotive services with cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions, ensuring that the company’s vehicles and systems enjoy the strongest protection against evolving digital challenges.

»Safety is the cornerstone of the development of the new-energy vehicle industry, and BYD FinDreams Battery is committed to providing customers with environmentally friendly and secure solutions. The ISO/SAE 21434 automotive cybersecurity certificate marks a milestone for BYD FinDreams Battery, confirming that our entire product development and production process is aligned with cybersecurity standards. We are committed to leveraging technological innovation to tackle safety challenges, foster healthy and secure progress within the industry, and empower the future of automotive safety.«

Shoubo Zhang, Deputy General Manager and VPO Director, BYD FinDreams Battery

Dr. Kilian Aviles, Senior Vice President, DEKRA Asia Pacific.

»It is a great honor to see BYD FinDreams Battery receiving the DEKRA ISO/SAE 21434 automotive cybersecurity certificate. With its commitment to being an innovation leader and meeting the burgeoning demand for cars and rechargeable energy storage systems, BYD FinDreams Battery aligns with DEKRA’s strategic focus on future vehicle and transportation services in China. DEKRA is poised to support BYD FinDreams Battery in bolstering its global presence, expanding collaboration in information and cybersecurity, and sustainable development initiatives, aiming to become a worldwide partner in safety and sustainable development.«

Dr. Kilian Aviles, Senior Vice President of DEKRA Asia Pacific and Managing Director of Mainland China and Hong Kong

About BYD

An international high-tech company, BYD is the global market leader in electric vehicles as well as operating in the electronics, renewable energy, and rail industries. BYD has been researching rechargeable batteries since its founding in 1995 and today plays a pioneering role in the development of sustainable technologies. The business is active in 70 countries around the world and has been in Europe since 1998.

Illustration showing calculation processes on a com-puter.

Enhancing the security of AI models and systems

In a partnership with Bosch-owned startup AIShield, DEKRA will be enhancing the security of AI models and systems.

Multilane city expressway with smart vehicles.

“Reliable AI will revolutionize the automotive industry”

DEKRA joint venture CertifAI identifies risks and develops tests to mitigate them for the transportation of the future.

Exterior of a branch of Migros Bank in Switzerland.

Ensuring AI quality and reducing risk

With DEKRA’s help, AI models can be tested for reliability—for example, to calculate the residual value of vehicles.